We are pleased to invite you to our Tape-M-Up Camp for student athletic trainer aides. As a participant in our camp, you will receive a comprehensive overview of all aspects of athletic training, from anatomy to athletic training-room management. You will receive specialized instructions in taping techniques, injury evaluation and emergency procedures, and adult CPR/First Aid certification. Our combined basic-advanced camp allows all students to learn not only from camp directors, lectures and demonstrations, but also from other more experienced campers.


This camp is designed for upcoming high school freshmen through seniors who wish to learn more about the field of Athletic Training and serve as a basis for a career in Athletic Training or a medical field. The lecture/lab format of the camp will allow you to gain knowledge/experience in order to assist the Certified Athletic Trainer at your high school during practices, games, and in the training room.  Casual dress, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. Pants should be able pulled up over the knee. Campers should bring pens or pencils. You may also bring drinks and/or snacks if you wish.


 Students will learn:


           Principles of injury prevention


Principles of injury rehabilitation


Emergency procedures


Emergency response training


Prevention of heat-related conditions


Current treatment modalities


Anatomy pertinent to injuries and care


Nutrition in athletics


Taping and wrapping techniques


CPR and First Aid Certification


 Camp Description


Tape-M-Up Camp is designed for students who are interested in athletic training knowledge and skills. The lecture/lab format will prepare the camper to pursue athletic training at their high school and serve as a basis for a career in athletic training. The camp will be under the direct supervision of athletic trainers from Firelands and Lorain High Schools.



We look forward to welcoming you to our TAPE-M-UP Athletic Training Camp!